My arrival

Friday, the 13th of August, I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, for my exchange year. First we were welcomed by the AFS members of AFS Denmark. With the other students that arrived we took the train to our hostel where we were going to stay for the weekend. On the train I met two Canadian girls,... Lees verder →


Last night, I threw a party for my friends and family to say goodbye to them. It isn't a nice day to look foward to but I knew it was coming my way since I choose to go on an adventure with AFS. Not all my friends were at the party but one of my... Lees verder →

Saying goodbye

The 30th of June some of the exchange students said goodbye to each other because we are not going to see each other for a long time. Some of us will be gone for three months and others will be gone for almost a year, like me. ​ The friendships you make as an AFS... Lees verder →

I finally know my family

Since our last weekend I have been dying to know who my family was and where in Denmark I was going to be. I heard from people who went on an exchange program to Denmark that it depends on where you will live for a year on how fast you will get your family. ​... Lees verder →

Weekend 10-11-12 November 2017

This weekend, me and many other people went on a weekend together. We all share one thing. We all want to experience an exchange year. ​ The whole point of the weekend was to see if we were ready for an exchange year and at the end of the weekend you had to make your... Lees verder →

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