Sorry + new post

It has been a long time since I posted something about my stay here. I am sorry for that. November has been a busy month but I am back with a new post today.

In 8 days I will be here already for four months and I can’t believe it. It is weird knowing that four months ago I was standing in Zaventem, saying goodbye to my family and friends. I think a lot about that moment because that is where this wonderful adventure started for me. I haven’t had any regrets of being here. Every day that I have spent here has been wonderful and I have learned so much about the way they live here and how to look at different things.

One of the things I had to get used to the most is school. A school day is different than a school day in Belgium. The day is shorter with four different modules. Between every module there is a break from 20 minutes with an exception the break between the second module and the third module, which is 30 minutes. They have a kantine who makes food every break of the day. You can just go there and get different food. Most of the time I bring a food package from home. My food package is røgbrod, typical Danish bread. You can put different toppings on it. It fills your stomach and it’s delicious. But back to the school life. The relationship between the teacher and the student is very different. Here in Denmark you can address the teacher with their name while in Belgium we have to say Miss and then their family name. For me that was a big change together with working in every class with the computer. I got used to using it now which is a good preparation for university in Belgium. I bike every morning to school. It takes me 10 minutes to bike to school which means that my school is very close to my house. When I bike home, I bike together with Elena, the Italian exchange student.

Since I have been here almost four months I try to make more homework for school. Which means that when I get home now I am doing home and otherwise I am trying to learn more Danish. I promised my host family that I would speak more Danish to them when it is Christmas. I have now 22 more days left so I will make work of it. It is not always easy to speak the language but of course I do can speak Danish. I think at the moment I speak 40 – 50 % Danish and before Christmas I would love to speak 70-80 % Danish. So I will try and do my best.

On Monday after school I go dancing in a dancing school in Haderslev. I choose to do hip-hop again after all the years of ballet. On Thursday after class I play with some classmates for fun volleyball. It is really fun. Most of the times I am home during the evenings in the week but sometimes I have plans with friends during the week.

Friday evening the family and I decorated the house for Christmas. That is the tradition of the family. Normally we would have done it Saturday on the first of December. We played the Christmas playlist on Spotify and danced while decorating the house. Eva and I made a small Winter Wonderland. There are candles almost everywhere in the house. There is this candle that we have to light every day until the 24th of December. It has the numbers from 1-24 on it and we have to light today until number 2.

It is still crazy to believe that I have been here almost four months. I don’t really talk about it that much with my host family because it is weird to think that I will have to leave them in a month. I got used to being around them and they became my second family. They have been there for me when things didn’t go that well during my exchange year. Of course there are moments as an exchange student when you have days were isn’t going that wonderful as it might seem but you have to take each day as it comes. That is one thing I learned for sure being an exchange student. Being grateful is another thing I have learned. First I am grateful for my parents in Belgium that they gave me this chance of seeing and discovering the world in a different way. But I am also grateful for my host family. They are the people who made me feel at home here in Denmark and decided to take me in their house. I really love being here and I can’t see myself leaving in almost 6 months. It is going really fast and sometimes you want to stand still at some point and look what happened since you have been here but then something else is happening that you have to focus on. But I appreciate it every day.

For the people who are interested of seeing what I am up too. From the 11th till the 13th December I am taking over the Instagram account of AFS Vlaanderen where I will show what I am doing in those three days. I’ll put the link of their account down here and make sure to follow it or check it out the days I am taking it over.

This is the post for today. I promise you that more posts will be coming this month your way. And again sorry for not posting anything for a month.

Love Ems

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