Min efterårsferie

Last week I had my autumn break or in Danish ‘min efterårsferie’. It was week where I had a lot of things planned. Basically I didn’t sit still.

Saturday (Lørdag), 13 October, my host grandfather or vært bedstefar held a birthday party. The party was held in Skamelingsbanken, close to Kolding. Kolding is, for me, the biggest city to Haderslev. The family was invited together with friends of my grandparents. For the first time of meeting new people I wasn’t nervous. When we arrived we got something to drink and we talked a while before we were asked to take our seats. I was seated together with Iben, Eva, Jeppe, Stine, Sofie and Ivan. They are all family members. We had tree paces. The first one was rice with shrimps served with Italian ham covered in pesto. To finish we had a muslin made of salmon finished with a tortilla chips. Our second pace was turkey covered with a brown sauce. As vegetables you had the choice of carrots and potatoes. The meal was finished with a salat. As third pace we had chocolate cake with an muslin of raspberry in it.

After our lunch, and believe me it was just lunch, different people close to bedstefar held a speech for them. My mom held a speech together with her older and younger brother. Each of them had choosen three pictures and they described it to bedstefar and what it meant to them. It was pretty emotional and you could see bedstefar wiping away some tears. Iben and Eva also held a speech. I understood most of it and I could tell that they put all their emotions in it. After the speeches we went to see the monument that made Skamelingsbanken so famous. It was a tower made of 25 stones with a height of 113m. The view from upon the small was beautiful. (Look in the slideshow down below this post to see it)

On Sunday (Søndag) I went over to Simon his house to watch a movie with him. Simon is a Danish boy that I have been seeing for a little time now in Denmark. Sunday night Noor, another exchange students from Belgium, came over to sleep at my place. My mother and I went to pick her up at the busstation in Haderslev. We ate spring rolls, homemade by my mother, together and we talked with my family for a while. My sister had some friends to play boardgames over so Noor I went to my room. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. Noor didn’t want to be on the picture but I took sneaky pictures of her. But to respect her choice of not liking to be on the picture I won’t post them.

On Monday (Mondag), Noor and I went to Kolding. We visited the Trapholt museum. It is a little bit out the center of Kolding. In Trapholt you can see furniture designs from famous Danish designers. I saw different items from in our house in Haderslev. I know now that once I have my own place it is going to be Scandanavian style. After our visit to Trapholt we took the bus back to Kolding Center to eat cake. At 17.00 we had our bus back to Haderslev, where Noor would be picked up by her hostfamily. When I arrived home I was home alone until 19.30 and then Eva came home. After I had a small talk with Eva I watched a movie until I fell asleep at some point.

Tuesday (Tirsdag) was one of the longest days from me personally. At 8.15 in the morning we left our house to go to Århus. In Århus we met up with one of my mother’s friends Annie and her two daughters Marie and Amelie. We visited the ‘Kvindenmuseet’ what stands for the woman museum. There was a room dedicated to the Danish female football team that won the World Cup in 1971. I never knew they won until now. The whole room represented the players at that time. When we went more up we saw the exhibition that was running at the moment. It was about the difference in equality between men and women. It was very interesting to see the Danish opinion about it. After the museum visit we went to look for a place to eat lunch. After lunch we went shopping. I bought a new green sweater. A new colour for me. After everyone found what they wanted to find we went to drink some tea together to warm up. In Århus you have this bridge where they end is made of glass and you can walk on it and at some point you can watch down and see the street below your feet. Of course I didn’t do it with my fear of heights but I did walk up to the balcony next to the bridge so I have a few from the city. We were to late to pay a visit to the Art Museum of Århus but I am going back in three weeks with Ellen, my friend from Belgium. We went to drink some smoothie together since not everyone was that hungry and after that we drove back home. My mom and two sisters sang songs from their childhood. I can tell you I never had so much fun in the car singing to songs I actually didn’t understand.

Wednesday (Onsdag) I had a day at home so I had time to do my homework for different subjects. My father returned home from a working trip in China. I missed him so it was good to see him back. He showed my some pictures of the view he had over Hong Kong from a restaurant from the 22nd floor. When he told me the stroy and showed me the pictures I got chills. I went on a small walk to the center of Haderslev. I didn’t do that much interesting Wednesday. In the evening I watched television with my parents.

Thursday (Torsdag) I met up with Alex, an exchange students from the United States in Haderslev. We go to the same school and he is one of my best friends. He told me an funny story about two seagles fighting for a fish. The way he told me the story made me laugh so hard. We ate dinner together at Cafe Kridt. He came home with me to eat some cake at my family’s house. It is nice to have people who experience the same feelings like you close to you. You can share how you feel everyday with them because they would understand how you feel.

From Friday (Fredag) until Sundag (Søndag) I went on a small trip to København with my family. First, we dropped Eva at the station of Nyborg. Eva left Friday on a trip to South Africa with bedstemor, morfar, Sofie, Filipa og Kasper. She is returning next Sunday. I really wish she will have the best time there and I am looking forward to hear all her stories. After we dropped Eva of we drove to the Karen Blixen museum in Rungsted. Karen Blixen was one of the most famous writers in Denmark. She lived with her family in Rungsted. She lived in Africa for a long time and then returned home. Her house is now a museum. They left the house like how it orgianally was and we were able to visit it. It was very interesting to see the style back then but also get to know more about one of the most famous writers of Denmark. After the Karen Blixen museum we went to Louisiana Museum where we saw an exhibition about the moon. I prefered the exhibition about Karen Blixen more then the one about the moon. In the evening we went to friends of my parents for dinner. The man of the family went to United States of America with AFS the same year as my father went. When we went to bed I had to share my bed with a cat who didn’t want to move from its spot until 5am in the morning.

Saturday I took the train from Allerød to København to meet up with Ellen and Marie. We went for a Brunch together where we catched up with each other about our exchange here so far. Marie and Ellen are returning home in a month and a half. We took the bike for an hour and we biked around København. At 17.00 we took the train to Køge, where we ate some soup together before we took the train to Faxe Ladeplads. Marie lives in Faxe Ladeplads and she was home alone so Ellen and I stayed with her. We made a typical Flemish dish together: chicken with mashed potatoes and apple muslin. We did the dishes before we went into a jacuzzi. Even tough I had a short time with them, I was so happy to see them back. They are both friends for live. I know that when I got back in June that we would still hang out together.

Sunday Ellen and I took the train back early because Ellen had to catch her Flexbus in København to Esjberg. I met up with my family for some brunch in København. We went to one of the 12 most popular places to have Brunch. If you ever go to København I would recommend MAD of KAFFE. After our brunch we drove back home and in Nyborg we changed from car since we left one of the cars in Nyborg. I drove back home with my mother and we had a good conversation in the car about different topics. We talked about me going to college or university and what I want to study. When we got home I made the homework I couldn’t do on Wednesday. I had to prepare a whole presentation in Danish about my autumn break. In the evening I called with my mother from Belgium and we talked together with my mother from Denmark.

And that was my autumn break!

My Danish has been improving so I would like to share some Danish language with you.

Jeg har været her i to måneder og at halvt. Jeg havde den bedste tid hidtil. Skole går god og jeg føler mig hjemme i familien. Jeg går danse med Liv i Haderslev på mondag. Min klasse er fantastik og jeg elsker dem. Hver dag jeg lære nyv ting. Jeg kan ikke tro der i 8 måneder jeg er nødt til at gå hjem I Belgien. Min familien her har blev min anden familien og de venner jeg lavede her er venner for livet, også min AFS venner er venner for livet.

I hope you understood something of what I just said.

P.S. Enjoy the pictures 😉

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