My first month in Denmark

Yesterday, Friday, my first month in Danmark passed by. It is unbelievable that I have been here already for a month. It has gone by so quick. But I enjoyed every second of it until now.

I can tell you that my host family is the best host family that I could have asked for. I really like both my parents and sisters. They have made me feel like I am at home in Denmark. I never felt bored or alone at their house. There were moments that I needed some time for myself and they respected that but I tried to spend as much time with them.

I have done so many things with them already. My first weekend here in Denmark they took me to the summerhouse, the second weekend I went on FUNK-weekend with the family of my mother and last weekend we went to Copenhagen to meet my dad’s family.

School is different without my friends from Belgium but I made already many friends here in Denmark. I am lucky I came in a class who were already close before and who tried everything to get you involved in their activities or in their conversations even though some times you wouldn’t understand anything they say. It is hard to understand everything in class but I will be fine. Being active in class is one of the most important things as an exchange student. It isn’t because you don’t know the language that it is a reason to just sit there in class and do nothing. Even just showing you are there and you are willing to work for something. They know it won’t be great but they see you tried.

I have the be honest that I felt  a lot of different emotions this months. Even at some point I had them all together. You have to get used to a lot things like you can’t understand everything your family is saying and you have to deal with that. But that is not a reason to not try to communicate with them. I have been here now for a month and I asked them to speak more Danish so that I feel like I should take part in their conversation which will make me learn the language more.

I have been kind of emotional too because on certain days something will happen that reminds you of your home country, your family, your friends or you way of living in your home country. I always talk with my host family about it because I want to be honest with them about my feelings. Honesty is a one of the most important things in Denmark and for me it is a important value to have in life.

If I talk about the two most important words ‘Hygge’ and ‘Lykke’ I can assure you that I felt both of them everyday in this family. We eat together and if we aren’t able to be there all for dinner, we have tea in the evening and we have talks about our day. For example: Last week I build the Statue of Liberty in LEGO with my father and it gave me so much joy. It is a simple thing but you feel just the happiness between the people. They treat you like you are a new daughter in the family.

In the beginning I thought they would feel uncomfortable with the words ‘mor’ and ‘far’ but they weren’t. They just accepted it and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Everyday I learn new Danish words and my goal is to speak Danish with the family when it is Christmas.

In just one word my experience here has been : FANTASTIC. And they are still 9 and a half months to go.

But I am ready for those 9 months and half.

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