First week of school & family weekend

Friday, I had my first week of school in Denmark. It was something I had to get used to because it is totally different from Belgium. For example: shorter days, less classes on one day, use of laptops during the class, … After three days I got used to everything. The class is a very active but funny class. I think everything will be all right.



Friday evening the family and I left for the FUNK-Weekend. It has been a traditon for many years. I was nervous about meeting the family because it would be new people who I had to connect with. I remember that I was silent for the first 30 minutes, something my friends and family in Belgium would never expect from me, but at the end of dinner I was talking with my Danish cousins and laughing so I felt more comfortable.

I slept in a cabin with my oldest sister, Iben, and three cousins of me. It was fun to have like the teenagers together. I tried to speak with as many family members but it wasn’t always easy because as you can see it on the picture there were many people. But they are all so lovely people.

Saturday we went to walk to a ship nearby that you visit and where you could climb all the way to the mast of the boat. Iben, Eva, Sophie, Fillipa, Gustav and Jacob did it but I stayed on the ground. After the visit we had lunch with the whole family. We were supposed to go on a sailing trip but the boat wouldn’t start so we cancelled it. Some of us went back to the camping and others visited the centre of the town.

Later that day most of the family members were joined together on the terrace of the grandparents and talking about everything. I really felt like I was part of the family.

Even tough I am tired right now, I am very happy that I got to spend my weekend with so many amazing people.

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