Sorry + new post

It has been a long time since I posted something about my stay here. I am sorry for that. November has been a busy month but I am back with a new post today. In 8 days I will be here already for four months and I can’t believe it. It is weird knowing that... Lees verder →


Min efterårsferie

Last week I had my autumn break or in Danish 'min efterårsferie'. It was week where I had a lot of things planned. Basically I didn't sit still. Saturday (Lørdag), 13 October, my host grandfather or vært bedstefar held a birthday party. The party was held in Skamelingsbanken, close to Kolding. Kolding is, for me,... Lees verder →

AFS in Egebjerghytten

Friday, the 5th of October, until Sunday, the 7th of October, I had my second AFS weekend. My first AFS camp was when I arrived in Copenhagen the 10th of August. The day this fantastic adventure began. Friday after school I got picked up by Elena's host father who was bringing us to Vojens to... Lees verder →

AFS students in Odense

A few weeks ago we arranged that we would meet up with a bunch of AFS students in Odense. There were AFS students who are going to be here for three months, for one year or students who already had been here for 8 months. First I met up with my friends from Belgium who... Lees verder →

Sønderjysk kaffebord

Yesterday, Sunday, all the AFS students of Sonderjylland (South of Jylland) met up in Cranking Mill, Hammlev. Hammlev is like a 15 minutes drive away from Haderslev. I looked so much foward to this day. I wasn't only going to eat a lot cake but I was going to see my friends back. The whole... Lees verder →

My first month in Denmark

Yesterday, Friday, my first month in Danmark passed by. It is unbelievable that I have been here already for a month. It has gone by so quick. But I enjoyed every second of it until now. I can tell you that my host family is the best host family that I could have asked for.... Lees verder →

18th birthday in Denmark

Friday, the 7th of September, I turned 18 years old in Denmark. For me, it was a special day because it was the first time I celebrated my birthday in an another country. Thursday after class I made Belgian Waffles for my classmates. I had melted milk chocolate and white chocolate, fruit, ice cream and... Lees verder →

First week of school & family weekend

Friday, I had my first week of school in Denmark. It was something I had to get used to because it is totally different from Belgium. For example: shorter days, less classes on one day, use of laptops during the class, ... After three days I got used to everything. The class is a very active... Lees verder →

My arrival

Friday, the 13th of August, I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, for my exchange year. First we were welcomed by the AFS members of AFS Denmark. With the other students that arrived we took the train to our hostel where we were going to stay for the weekend. On the train I met two Canadian girls,... Lees verder →

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