Seks måneder i Danmark + reason I haven’t posted in a long time

Two weeks ago I just realized that I am halfway through my exchange year. It kinds of scares me to be honest because I don’t see myself leaving here soon. The persons that I have to thank the most for making me feel here at home and making Denmark my second home is definitely my... Lees verder →


Sorry + new post

It has been a long time since I posted something about my stay here. I am sorry for that. November has been a busy month but I am back with a new post today. In 8 days I will be here already for four months and I can’t believe it. It is weird knowing that... Lees verder →

Min efterårsferie

Last week I had my autumn break or in Danish 'min efterårsferie'. It was week where I had a lot of things planned. Basically I didn't sit still. Saturday (Lørdag), 13 October, my host grandfather or vært bedstefar held a birthday party. The party was held in Skamelingsbanken, close to Kolding. Kolding is, for me,... Lees verder →

AFS in Egebjerghytten

Friday, the 5th of October, until Sunday, the 7th of October, I had my second AFS weekend. My first AFS camp was when I arrived in Copenhagen the 10th of August. The day this fantastic adventure began. Friday after school I got picked up by Elena's host father who was bringing us to Vojens to... Lees verder →

AFS students in Odense

A few weeks ago we arranged that we would meet up with a bunch of AFS students in Odense. There were AFS students who are going to be here for three months, for one year or students who already had been here for 8 months. First I met up with my friends from Belgium who... Lees verder →

Sønderjysk kaffebord

Yesterday, Sunday, all the AFS students of Sonderjylland (South of Jylland) met up in Cranking Mill, Hammlev. Hammlev is like a 15 minutes drive away from Haderslev. I looked so much foward to this day. I wasn't only going to eat a lot cake but I was going to see my friends back. The whole... Lees verder →

My first month in Denmark

Yesterday, Friday, my first month in Danmark passed by. It is unbelievable that I have been here already for a month. It has gone by so quick. But I enjoyed every second of it until now. I can tell you that my host family is the best host family that I could have asked for.... Lees verder →

18th birthday in Denmark

Friday, the 7th of September, I turned 18 years old in Denmark. For me, it was a special day because it was the first time I celebrated my birthday in an another country. Thursday after class I made Belgian Waffles for my classmates. I had melted milk chocolate and white chocolate, fruit, ice cream and... Lees verder →

First week of school & family weekend

Friday, I had my first week of school in Denmark. It was something I had to get used to because it is totally different from Belgium. For example: shorter days, less classes on one day, use of laptops during the class, ... After three days I got used to everything. The class is a very active... Lees verder →

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